Psychology Faculty

Michael Alessandri, Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Psychology and Assistant Chair, Administration and Community Engagement, Child Division
Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, 1992 - Executive Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD). Behavioral and educational interventions for autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities.
Michael H. Antoni, Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
University of Miami, 1986 - Associate Editor, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine Psycho-oncology, AIDS and psychoneuroiminunology: coping styles, social support, life event stress, and health/disease.
Sierra A. Bainter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Adult Division
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016 - longitudinal data analysis, measurement, mixture modeling, and applications of Bayesian methods for social science research.
Jennifer C. Britton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Child Division
University of Michigan, 2005 - Behavioral and neural correlates of anxiety; translational, developmental and affective neuroscience.
Charles S. Carver, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Adult Division
University of Texas at Austin, 1974 - Director, Adult Division;  Personality, dual process models of self-regulation, impulsivity and psychopathology, stress and coping, optimism, emotional processes.
Sannisha K. Dale, Assistant Professor, Health Division Boston University, 2014.
Health Disparities, trauma and resilience, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, intervention development, discrimination and stigma (related to race, sexual orientation, HIV status, etc.), women's health, men who have sex with men (MSM), community engagement.
Christine E. Fullmer Delgado, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Child Division
University of Miami, 1999 - Co-Director, Children's Registry and Information System Project Director, Early Social Communication Project Communication and social development in infants. Tracking of services provided to children with disabilities. Impact of early identification of disabilities on school performance.
Brian D. Doss, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Academic Service and Research, Child Division
University of California, Los Angeles, 2004 - Prevention and treatment of relationship distress, web- based intervention, mechanisms of change.
Jennifer Stella Durocher, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Child Division
University of Miami, 2001 - Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (C.A.R.D.)
Franklin H. Foote, Ph.D., Lecturer
University of Miami, 1984 - Romantic and Sexual Relationships.
Marc D. Gellman, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, Health Division
University of Miami, 1984 - Associate Director, Health Division - Cardiovascular and neuroendocrine reactivity to stress, drug use in our society.
Roderick C. Gillis, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Adult Division
University of Miami, 1981 - Tests and measurements, social psychology.
Daryl B. Greenfield, Ph.D., Professor, Child Division
University of Connecticut, 1976 - Development of Social Competence, Emergent Literacy and Cognitive Processes in low-income, multiethnic children during the transition from preschool into early elementary school. Effects of Early Intervention Programs such as Head Start on children's early school success.
Anibal Gutierrez, Ph.D. BCBA-D, Research Associate Professor,
University of Florida, 2002 - Associate Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (C.A.R.D.)
Melissa Hale, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Florida, 2004 - Associate Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD). Behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorders.
Aaron S. Heller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Adult Division
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013 - Temporal dynamics of positive emotion in depressed and healthy individuals.
Hillary S Hoffman, Ph.D., Lecturer
Duke University, 1979; University of Miami, 1982 - Consumer research in various industries including, but not limited to, cruise, hospitality, real estate and health.
Barry E. Hurwitz Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
University of Florida, 1984 - Behavioral Medicine; heart disease, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome; stress, biobehavioral factors and mechanisms in disease progression.
Gail H. Ironson, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
University of Wisconsin, 1977; M.D. University of Miami School of Medicine, 1986; Residency Stanford University 1986-1990 - Psychoneuroimmunology, AIDS, Psycho-oncology, Stress Management Interventions, Stress and Coping, Cardiovascular Disease, Post Traumatic Stress (Director of Trauma Treatment Program), Measurement and Statistics.
Amishi Jha, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health Division
Amanda Jensen-Doss, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Child Division
University of California, Los Angeles - Director, Child Division - youth mental health services research, diagnostic assessment in clinical practice settings, implementation of evidence-based assessment tools and treatments in youth-serving community mental health clinics.
Lynne F. Katz, Ed.D., Research Associate Professor, Child Division
University of Miami, 1999 - Administrative Director, Linda Ray Intervention Center; Early intervention program implementation for high-risk children.  Family substance abuse issues; Juvenile Court and Child Welfare casecoordination.  Parenting skills training.
Youngmee Kim, Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
University of Rochester, 1998 - Psycho-Oncology, family caregivership, cancer survivorship, quality of life (psychosocial, physical, behavioral, and spiritual), effects of stress and coping, social support, gender, age, and sociocultural factors, and biological and behavioral mechanisms of health outcomes.
Annette M. La Greca, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Child Division
Purdue University, 1978 - Director of Clinical Training
Cooper Fellow and Provost Scholar; Adolescents' peer and romantic relations, including the effects of peer victimization; risk and resilience factors in understanding disasters' impact on children and youth; developing interventions for peer victimized adolecents and children exposed to trauma; social anxiety, depression and health behaviors among adolescents.
Debra Lieberman, PhD., Associate Professor, Adult Division
University of California Santa Barbara, 2003 - Cognitive architecture of human kin detection, kin-directed altruism, and inbreeding avoidance; functional domains of disgust; social categorization; evolutionary approaches to law and medicine.
Kristin M. Lindahl, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Child Division
University of Denver, 1992 - Developmental psychopathology, impact of marital distress on parenting and children's socioemotional development, and family factors associated with the development of behavioral and emotional problems in children.
Maria M. Llabre, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Health Division
University of Florida, 1978 - Director of Statistics, Behavioral Medicine Research Center- applied statistics, latent growth modeling, structural modeling, generalizability theory.
Elizabeth Reynolds Losin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Health Division
University of California, Los Angeles, 2012 - Psychological and neural underpinnings of cultural acquisition, cultural plasticity, and their applications to human health. Work touches on social learning, intergroup relations, person perception, health disparities, and pain and emotion, and utilizes fMRI and behavioral methods.
Jill Ehrenreich-May, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Child Division
University of Mississippi, 2002 - Director, Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression Treatment Program. Transdiagnostic and other novel treatments for anxiety disorders and related conditions in youth, etiology of child anxiety, the role of technology in clinician training and dissemination of evidence based treatments for children and adolescents.
Philip M. McCabe, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Health Division
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1982 - Neural, hormonal and behavioral factors in cardiovascular disease; Neurobiology of emotional behavior; Neural/hormonal regulation of inflammation.
Michael McCullough, Ph.D., Professor, Adult Division
Virginia Commonwealth University, 1995 - Evolution, Cognition, and Behavior (particularly social behavior); Forgiveness; Revenge; Gratitude; Religion
Roger C. McIntosh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Health Division
Florida Atlantic University, 2012 - Neural signature (e.g., EEG, MRI, EKG) of affect regulation, i.e., stress, feelings and emotions, and the bidirectional relationship with subclinical and clinical markers of HIV and cardiovascular disease progression.
Daniel S. Messinger, Ph.D., Professor, Child Division
University of Utah, 1994 - Social and emotional development of normally developing and at-risk infants with emphases on facial expression, interaction, and security of attachment.  How micro and macro processes contribute to optimal development.
Frank J. Penedo, PhD, Sylvester Professor and Associate Director of Cancer Survivorship and Translational Behavioral Sciences
University of Miami, 1999 - Chronic disease management interventions; Cancer survivorship, symptom and toxicities monitoring and care delivery; Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) research; multilevel determinants (sociocultural, biobehavioral, psychosocial) of disease onset, progression and outcomes; Hispanic health; e-Health/m-Health care delivery; precision behavioral medicine
Lynn K. Perry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Child Division
University of Iowa, 2012 -- Word learning, categorization, and the impact of language on cognition, including the relationship between individual differences in vocabulary knowledge and cognitive development.
Patrice G. Saab, Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
Ohio University, 1983 - Cardiovascular and neuroendocrine reactivity to stress, gender and ethnic differences, behavioral interventions.
Steven A. Safren, Ph.D., ABPP., Professor, Health Division
University at Albany, 1998.  Domestic and international studies related to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment (biomedical and behavioral), behavioral medicine, coping with chronic illness, syndemics and resilience in gay / bisexual men (and other MSM) and other populations at risk for or living with HIV.
Neil Schneiderman, Ph.D., James L. Knight Professor, Health Division
Indiana University, 1964 - Director, Health Division Behavioral medicine research in cardiovascular disease, HIV and cancer, and CNS control of circulation and conditioning.
Rebecca Bulotsky Shearer, Ph.D., , Associate Professor, Child Division
University of Pennsylvania, 2004- developmentally and contextually relevant assessment of preschool emotional and behavioral problems within early educational settings, the relationship between preschool behavioral problems and academic achievement, development of reliable and valid assessment tools to inform early interventions that promote school readiness for Head Start children.
Elizabeth A. Simpson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Child Division
University of Georgia, 2011 - Understanding social cognitive development, including the ultimate and proximate mechanisms that shape individual differences in social perception.
Rick Stuetzle, Ph.D., Lecturer
University of Miami, 1999 - Research methods and statistics
Kiara Timpano, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Adult Division
Florida State University, 2009 - Investigation of vulnerability models for the anxiety and obsessive-compulsive spectrum; examination of phenomenology, associated features, and factors that could inform treatment or prevention efforts.
Saneya H. Tawfik, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor
University of Denver, 1990 - Clinic Director, Director of Assessment Services, Psychological Services Center, Clinical Training of Assessment; Psychoeducational Evaluations of Learning Disabilities; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Neurodevelopmental and Language Disorders.
Lucina Q. Uddin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
UCLA, 2006 - Relationship between brain connectivity and cognition in typical and atypical development. Focus on understanding dynamic network interactions underlying social information processing in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.
Amy Weisman de Mamani, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Adult Division
University of Southern California, 1994 - Family factors related to the onset and course of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and medical illness; Attribution theory; Minority mental health issues; Cross-cultural psychology.
Ray W. Winters, Ph.D., Professor, Health Division
Michigan State University, 1969 - CNS control of cardiovascular reactivity, stress and stress management.

Affiliated Medical School Core Faculty

Daniel Armstrong, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology, Child Division
Duke University; West Virginia University, 1985; Residency, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center: Internship in Pediatric Psychology - Associate Chair, Department of Pediatrics Director, Mailman Center for Child Development Neurocognitive effects of childhood cancer, sickle cell disease and HIV, pain assessment and management.
Alan Delamater, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology, Child Division
Carnegie Mellon University; University of Georgia, 1981; Residency, Veterans Affairs Medical Center Palo Alto, CA - Director, Clinical Psychology
Behavioral and emotional disorders in children and adolescents, learning disabilities, adaptation to chronic illness, diabetes, obesity
Mahedra Kumar, Ph.D.,Research Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Psychology, Health Division
University of Rajasthan, India, 1962 - Director, Molecular Neuroendocrinology and Neurotransmitters Laboratory. - Stress, HPA axis, dementia, and autoimmune antibodies
Bonnie Levin, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology and Psychology, Health Division.
Georgetown University; Temple University, l983. Clinical Fellow in Psychology, Boston Children's Hospital. Director, Division of Neuropsychology. Neurocognitive and behavioral changes associated with dementia and neurodegenerative disease, trauma and medical illness.
Armando Mendez, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Health Division
University of Miami, 1986 - Understanding pathways and mechanisms of intracellular and extracellular lipid metabolism and transport related to the development of artherosclerosis and to lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities that occur as a consequence of diabetes.
Bernard Roos, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Health Division
Oberlin College, OH, 1963; University of Chicago School of Medicine, 1967; Residency, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY 1970- Director, Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Executive Director, Center on Adult Development & Aging
Professor of Medicine
Long-term care, osteoporosis/calcium disorders, hormone replacement, exercise, cancer.
Pradip Pattany, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor of Radiology
Dr. Pattany completed a degree in Applied Physics at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. He then completed a Masters of Science in Instrumentation and Analytical Sciences at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology before obtained his doctorate in Motion Artifact Reduction and Flow Quantification in MRI from the University of Lyon in France.
Jay Skyler, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Health Division
Pennsylvania State University 1967, University Park, PA; Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA 1969; Residency, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 1973- Director, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism
Diabetes mellitus, particularly type 1 diabetes, immunology of type 1 diabetes, type 1 diabetes prevention, prevention of diabetic complications, new forms of therapy for diabetes.


Blanche Freund, Ph.D., PT Lecturer
Elyse Hurtado, Ph.D., PT Lecturer
Jill S Kaplan, Ph.D., PT Lecturer
Rafael Rivas-Vazquez, Ph.D., PT Lecturer
Barry B. Zwibelman, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Franklin Foote, Sr. Lecturer
Rod Gillis, Sr. Lecturer
Rick Stuetzle, Sr. Lecturer
Hillary Hoffman, Lecturer