Health Division Facilities

The Health Psychology division is housed in the Flipse building on the Coral Gables campus, the Behavioral Medicine Research Building (BMRB) on the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus and the Behavioral Medicine Research Center (BMRC), in the newly-constructed Clinical Research Buildin. This building is part of a unified Medical Center Complex consisting of the University of Miami School of Medicine, Papper Clinical Immunology laboratory, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.Jackson Memorial Hospital, and the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center. This Medical Center Complex is located in the city of Miami. Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH), the University's major teaching hospital is part of the University of Miami Medical Center. The two sites are approximately 20 minutes apart by automobile or Metrorail and are linked by phone, facsimile, and internet via a Windows NT secure network. This dual site logistical system has served us well since 1983.

The BMRB has more than 10,000 square feet of research space specifically designed for biobehavioral research. The building contains a human psychophysiology laboratory, quantitative/statistics laboratory, electrophysiological laboratory, behavioral testing laboratory, and histology/neuroanatomy laboratory, biomedical engineering/ electronics laboratory. Recently the building underwent renovations to make it more compatible with the current research plan. Added were a new group therapy room with a one-way mirror, two assessment rooms, and a waiting room. New wiring was installed to upgrade the computer communications capabilities with a fiber optic cable connecting the router in the building to the University's fiber optic backbone.

The BMRC consists of 12,000 square feet of newly renovated research space. The BMRC contains intake/assessment suites with medical examination rooms, an echocardiography laboratory, four fully equipped psychophysiology laboratories each with a control room and an inner testing room, exercise stress testing laboratory equipped with a metabolic cart, and bicycle ergometer, a suite of three rooms for the biochemical assay laboratory, a group intervention room, two assessment rooms, a two-room data management suite, locked storage areas, a conference room with wet bar, and an administrative area with reception area, waiting room, mail/copy/fax room, kitchen, and offices for the faculty investigators and research staff. Each room is equipped with computers, all wired into a local area network which connects via a T1 line to the Medical Center's fiber optic backbone.

The facilities used for immunology and molecular biology research are housed in the E. M. Papper Clinical Immunology Laboratory, which occupies 3,000 square feet in the Rosenstiel Medical Research Building and 1,500 square feet in the Miami VA Medical Center. This lab has available 3 cytometry labs with 4 flow cytometers, a P2 and a P3 tissue culture facility and a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) lab.

Neuroimaging Suite