Urcuyo, K. R., Boyers, A. E., Carver, C. S., & Antoni, M. H. (2005). Finding benefit in breast cancer: Relations with personality, coping, and concurrent well-being. Psychology & Health, 20, 175-192..

Cancer patients experience positive as well as adverse consequences from cancer diagnosis and treatment. The work reported here was part of an effort to characterize the experience of benefit finding in breast cancer patients. A sample of 230 early-stage breast cancer patients completed a set of benefit finding items in the year post-surgery. This measure was then related to measures of concurrent coping, several aspects of psychosocial well-being, demographic variables, and several personality traits. Benefit finding related positively to trait optimism, and to positive reframing and religious activity as coping reactions. Benefit finding related inversely to emotional distress, but was relatively unrelated to other measures of well-being.

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