Charles S. Carver

Johnson, S. L., Carver, C.S., Joormann, J., & Cuccaro, M. L. (2016). Genetic polymorphisms related to Behavioral Approach and Behavioral Inhibition Scales. Personality and Individual Differences, 88, 251-255.

Genetic polymorphisms relevant to behavioral approach and behavioral inhibition are examined, using a polygenic approach while also considering the role of early adversity. Undergraduates (N = 343) completed the well-validated Behavioral Inhibition System/Behavioral Activation System (BIS/BAS) scales and provided blood for genotyping. The BDNF met allele was related to higher BIS scores. OPRM1 status interacted with a measure of early adversity to predict the BAS Reward Responsiveness subscale. Results provide additional support for the validity of the BIS/BAS scales, and suggest combined genetic and environmental influences on the development of these traits.

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