Charles S. Carver

Kim, Y., Shaffer, K. M., Rocha-Lima, C., Milton, A., & Carver, C. S. (2016). Exploring the role of ethnicity on perceptions of cancer and physical health recovery during the first year of survivorship. Journal of Health Psychology, 21, 1331-1338.

This study examined the role of Black versus White identity (ethnicity) in the extent to which patients’ appraisal of the impact of cancer on themselves and their family members related to the patients’ perceptions of physical health. Colorectal cancer patients (N=60) provided self-reports for study variables at 2 and 12 months post-diagnosis. Hierarchical regression analysis revealed that among African-American patients, perceptions of poorer health recovery related to perception of the cancer as disruptive to their family members’ daily life, but not as disruptive to their own, an association that was absent among Whites (p<.02).

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