Charles S. Carver

Jahnghan and Tntnhan

Our current dogs Jahng and Tntn, pictured above when they were 10 weeks old, are also members of the exotic breed known as shag terriers (for information about the breed, click here). They joined the Department of Psychology in September of 2016. Thus far they have spent most of their work time (when not sleeping) following in Calvin's pawsteps, making sure that people in the department are functioning to their full capacities. Whether they will also take up Calvin's methodological pursuits remains to be seen.

Alert readers will have noted the "our" in place of "my" in the preceding description. That is because these dogs own both me and my wife Dr. Youngmee Kim. More information about Dr. Kim can be found here.

More photos of Jahng and Tntn can be found on the attached gallery page.

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