Barry B. Zwibelman, Ph.D. Dr. Zwibelman

Associate Professor
University of Missouri (1971)


Research Interests

Positive Psychology, Stress Management, Health Psychology


Selected Publications

Zwibelman, B.B. and Plant, R.T. (1994). Choosing a college major: A prototype decision support system. Computers in Human Behavior, 10(3), 231 - 242.

Zwibelman, B.B. (1977). Differences in utilization of professional and paraprofessional counseling services. Journal of College Student Personnel, 18, 358-361.

Hinrichsen, J.J. and Zwibelman, B.B. (1981). Differences between telephone and in-person peer counseling. Journal of College Student Personnel, 22, 315-319

Zwibelman, B.B. and Hinrichsen, J.J. (1977). Effects of training on peer counselor responses to human sexuality problems. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 24, 359-364.



PSY110: Introduction to Psychology

PSY240: Abnormal Psychology

PSY271 / 371: Stress Management