Head Start and School Transition

Daryl B. Greenfield, Principal Investigator

Preschool Science Project:

“We are underestimating what young children are capable of as students of science – the bar is almost always set too low … science education as currently structured does not leverage the knowledge and capabilities students bring to the classroom. For students from diverse backgrounds, the problem is even more profound.”     (NRC, 2007: Taking Science to School, Forward)

There is considerable activity surrounding quality science in early childhood classroom practices including state standards, curricula with science activities and an extensive literature on potential best practices. However, there is very little empirical research focused on the effectiveness of these practices.

The Head Start and School Transition Research Team is working in collaboration with the Miami Dade County Head Start Program and the Miami Museum of Science to improve the science readiness of Head Start children before they transition into public school. Current work involves the development of an Early Childhood Hands-On Science curriculum, professional development program and a new direct assessment of preschool children's science content knowledge and science processing skills.


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