Head Start and School Transition

Daryl B. Greenfield, Principal Investigator

School Readiness Project:

The State of Florida has recently passed major legislation focused on school readiness.  This legislation will change the face of early childhood education in the state and will effect how local communities mount coordinated efforts for educating young children.  A statewide assessment system is being developed to determine children's readiness for school and the role of programs such as Head Start in preparing children for school.   The assessment system acknowledges the multivariate nature of development that includes cognitive, social-emotional, health, motor and language domains as well as how children approach the process of learning.  

We are investigating the role of Head Start in promoting resilience and successful transition into public school in these domains.  Head Start programs throughout the state of Florida are working collaboratively to develop a common research framework to determine factors that promote school readiness.  Database linkage methods will be used to share statewide data to more fully address these questions.  

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