Petronis, V. M., Carver, C. S., Antoni, M. H., & Weiss, S. (2003). Investment in body image and psychosocial well-being among women treated for early stage breast cancer: Partial replication and extension. Psychology and Health, 18, 1-13.

We examined relations between two aspects of investment in body image and several indicators of well being in 237 women (62 Hispanic, 25 African American) with Stage 0, I, and II breast cancer. Women were assessed at 3, 6, or 12 months post-surgery. Predictor variables were Concern About Appearance and Concern about Body Integrity. In contrast to previous research, Concern About Appearance did not relate to elevated distress. However, Concern About Body Integrity related to elevated distress, social disruption, several indices of psychosexual disruption, and reports of having concerns about potential further adverse outcomes from treatment. The effects that were obtained generalized to the 3 ethnicities studied, and some of the associations were significantly stronger among Hispanics than other participants.  Future research should consider how personal investment in body image relates to other vulnerabilities for disruption in response to treatment for breast cancer.
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